Spanx table

As a proof of concept, this is pretty cool. Furniture that ships flat, then, with a simple touch, self-transforms to fully assembled and functional. Called a “programmable table” (not sure why, users can’t program it), It employs a pre-stressed “wood skin” with “tessellated geometries” that snap into into a pre determined shape. I get it that some people would rather have a triple bypass then assemble the FJÄLKINGE from Ikea, but not sure how this could ever compete on that level – good design for super cheap. Those who could afford this would never even consider assembling their own furniture. However, I could see this used anywhere weight and space are at a premium – naval, spacecraft, modular homes – that’s their market.

MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab and Wood-Skin S.r.l.
Self-Assembly Lab Team: Skylar Tibbits, Athina Papadopoulou, Carrie McKnelly, Christophe Guberan, Jennifer Glerum
Wood-Skin Team: Giulio Masotti, Stefano Baruffaldi, Susanna Todeschini, Gianluca Lo Presti, Guido Masotti


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